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Clients call on me for services including:

  • Content creation, management and syndication
  • Digital strategy & execution
  • Search engine optimization
  • Publicity: owned, earned and paid
  • Writing for digital, print, audio and video
  • Ghostwriting
  • Marketing via Social Media 
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Live Stream Event Production
  • Video Marketing
  • Audio & Video Podcast Production
  •  Video Production

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To bring her practice online, I designed and wrote the website, Autism Physical Fitness.

creating successful digital presence


I can help you succeed by creating comprehensive, winning strategies in the most effective channels that align with your business goals. 

With experience in verticals from cars to cookies, I've created ground-breaking digital and traditional PR and marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs, startups, nonprofits and brands including including Ford Motors, IBM, Innovairre, Meijer, Stew Leonard’s, Transitions Lenses, Cendant and McGraw-Hill. 

I also have conducted extensive corporate training and coaching on new media marketing opportunities in all aspects of online marketing. 

Winning digital strategy

To bring her business online, I designed, wrote and search optimized AutismPhysicalFitness.com for the opening of the private practice of the director of the ASD Fitness program at 92Y. This includes maintaining all content on the site and in social media.

Call ME 917-566-5855

4 Ways Interview Videos Help Authors Get Media Coverage

Author being interviewed

By B.L. Ochman

Writing and getting a book published is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations!

Building sales for your book is your next – enormous – challenge. You need publicity. You want editors and producers to want to interview you.

But before reporters and producers waste time on an interviewing an author they want to know she’ll sound smart. They can find that out quickly if your site and media kit include a two to three-minute video interview.

Reporters Love Videos

Leslie Mann, who writes feature stories for publications including the Chicago Tribune and its Tronc-owned sister papers, says she will often go to a trade association to find an informed source. “When a journalist gets broadcast clips for sources, woo-hoo, she would figure she’s hit the jackpot! Otherwise, sure, the source may know her stuff and have creds, but may be tongue-tied in front of a camera.”

Editors and producers want to know you can sound smart before they waste time interviewing you. They need to know that you’ll be articulate and interesting, rather than tongue-tied, umming and ahhing, overly self-promotional or, worse yet, boring. Short video interviews can quickly demonstrate that you’re a good subject. READ MORE

Dr. JT Kostman Talks Artificial Intelligence

Dr JT Kostman is one of the world’s leading Data Strategists and experts in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. In this interview, we discuss the importance of data science in marketing, social media and education.  There’s a lot for marketers to learn in this conversation

B.L. Ochman Interviews Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel, “Six Pixels of Separation” author and podcaster and I discuss the growth of podcasting; who should and shouldn’t podcast; what makes a great podcast; what equipment you need to podcast; what makes brand podcasts effective, and much, much more.

Interview with AUTHOR Darcy Pattison

Do you believe everything read in the paper or hear on the news?

B.L. Ochman interviews author Darcy Pattison - best-selling author of more than 30 books and a renowned teacher of writing - about her new children's book, The Nantucket Sea Monster - a Fake News Story.

In The Nantucket Sea Monster, Pattison tells a true story that became one of the most successful publicity stunts of all time. The book is now used to teach children in grades 3 to 6th the concept of fake news.


In this episode of our award-winning weekly podcast, we discuss Google’s new strategy for leveraging the growing library of podcast content; the latest data about the podcast consumer; Amazon’s new Alexa Skill Blueprints feature;  an advocacy campaign that turns victims of gun violence’s handwriting into a tool for change; teaching kids to be polite to machines; and much, much more.


In this episode of my award-winning weekly podcast, my co-host David Erickson and I discuss Google Lens bringing artificial intelligence to phones, Facebook adding screening to groups, MailChimp's email automation for everyone, hope for Parkinsons sufferers... and much, much more.


In this episode we discuss bulletproof vests for kids; the growing Cambridge Analytica Scandal involves Plantir and Peter Thiele; driving a car with VR; brands on HQ Trivia; long-forms audio; Google image optimization; Google Lens comes to iOS; a Boring development; the mountain of data you gave away to Google and Facebook will blow your mind; Desperately Seeking Counsel on Craig’s List; no more Lytro; a social network with no humans allowed; and much, much more.Check out this great video

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