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  • Content Creatior
  •  Podcast Producer
  • Award-winning wriiter
  • Brand Journalist
  • Marketing

What B.L. Ochman Does

Clients call on me for services including:

  • Content creation, management and syndication
  • Writing for digital, print, audio and video
  • Marketing via Social Media 
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Live Stream Event Production
  • Video Marketing
  • Audio & Video Podcast Production
  •  Video Production

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Interview with Darcy Pattison, author, Nantucket Sea Monster

Do you believe everything read in the paper or hear on the news?

B.L. Ochman interviews author Darcy Pattison - author of more than 30 books and a renowned teacher of writing - about her new children's book, The Nantucket Sea Monster - a Fake News Story.

In The Nantucket Sea Monster, Pattison tells a true story that became one of the most successful publicity stunts of all time. The book is now used to teach children in grades 3 to 6th the concept of fake news.heck out this great video


In this episode of our award-winning weekly podcast, we discuss Google’s new strategy for leveraging the growing library of podcast content; the latest data about the podcast consumer; Amazon’s new Alexa Skill Blueprints feature;  an advocacy campaign that turns victims of gun violence’s handwriting into a tool for change; teaching kids to be polite to machines; and much, much more.


In this episode of my award-winning weekly podcast, my co-host David Erickson and I discuss Google Lens bringing artificial intelligence to phones, Facebook adding screening to groups, MailChimp's email automation for everyone, hope for Parkinsons sufferers... and much, much more.


In this episode we discuss bulletproof vests for kids; the growing Cambridge Analytica Scandal involves Plantir and Peter Thiele; driving a car with VR; brands on HQ Trivia; long-forms audio; Google image optimization; Google Lens comes to iOS; a Boring development; the mountain of data you gave away to Google and Facebook will blow your mind; Desperately Seeking Counsel on Craig’s List; no more Lytro; a social network with no humans allowed; and much, much more.Check out this great video

What clients and media say about B.L.

   “Not only is B.L. a fabulous teacher, she’s a lot of fun.” 

Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound   

“BL … opened our eyes to the opportunities that social can bring to Meijer” 

Jonathan Dodge, Digital Media Team Leader, Meijer    

“Your blog advertising campaign for American Greetings gave us the best return we have ever gotten in any campaign in any medium.”   

Chris Caputo, VP Online Marketing, American Greetings   

“The Up Your Budget Campaign achieved these great results for less than the cost of one 30-second ad.”  

Cendant CMO to NY Times   

"No proprietor has received more publicity. Stew Leonard gets the kind of publicity usually reserved for presidents and kings.” 

INC Magazine  

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